Who We Are

We develop and reposition assets to withstand market fluctuations by utilizing our experience and a disciplined capital stack.

The principals of Riverbend Development have deep experience in the construction, ownership and management of various real estate asset classes. This combined experience enables Riverbend to actively manage properties through a hands-on approach, helping us to strategically anticipate and manage risk.

Riverbend Development is a privately held real estate development and investment firm which focuses on buying and developing commercial real estate including office, retail, industrial, and self-storage propertiesRiverbend Development operates its self-storage platform through its wholly owned brand My Garage Self Storage. My Garage Self Storage currently includes over 1M sq ft of rentable space spread across Texas. Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise in construction, property & asset management, development, and finance. The management team has over 90 years of combined experience in sourcing, underwriting, and managing, commercial real estate. 

With over 19 individual storage facilities in single and multiple asset partnerships, our team has successfully built up a strong storage business over the span of 3 years.  In the past year, we have grown out team to increase our capabilities and allow us to acquire, develop, and manage more properties on an efficient basis. Our self-storage offerings provide effective vehicles for private real estate investors to enjoy the stability of self-storage, while diversifying across secondary and tertiary markets throughout Texas.

The principals of Riverbend Development have a combined 90 years of experience investing in, developing, and managing commercial real estate through Riverbend Development and other affiliated companies. Our approach to managing commercial real estate is hands-on and always solution oriented, while always maintaining a focus on hitting pro forma returns to various stakeholders. Our value-add focus style investments which we can improve with our proprietary management process to achieve above-market returns.

Will S. Harvey, CEO

Paul Broaddus, CIO , CFO

Investment Strategy

Riverbend Development prides itself on investing and developing with purpose. We seek opportunities to acquire, develop and manage office, retail and storage properties with the goal of finding exceptional assets and strategically assessing and managing risk with a focus on Core-Plus and Value-Add opportunities. 

Riverbend’s executive team has over 90 years experience in construction, ownership and management of various real estate asset classes. Our expertise in structuring and negotiating asset acquisition, sales and investment provides us with the knowledge to find and acquire investments that provide the opportunity for exceptional returns to our investors. 

Our investors are a mix of high-net worth individuals, family offices and REITs. We prefer partners who understand real estate and whose interests align with our long-term strategies. Our partners choose to work with us because we have the experience, know-how and track record of executing purpose-driven strategic investments to confidently reach or exceed goals.